Pet Memorial Ornaments

It is always an honor to make a pet memorial ornament! I have lost my share of dogs and cats  in my life. And I have lost loved ones. I know that a furry friend and family member is a really important little soul in our lives. And their lost is felt deeply.   Here […]

Uniquely Designed Featured in The Savvy Auntie Blog….

Its coming up on the holidays and we are all thinking about it. For those of us who lost someone this year, it is especially hard.   So to all the Savvy Aunties out there who are visiting my site via the Savvy Auntie blog post, welcome! Please feel free to send me a message […]

Bachelorette Favors

I was going to write about Bachelorette parties but I have to be honest. I don’t really have any experience with those :-). Bridal showers, yes. Bachelorette parties, no. But it sounds like SO MUCH fun! And getting to hear from my customers about where they are going is the coolest thing. I’m so glad […]

We are OPEN again! Baby Shower Favor ideas

Thank you to all our customers for your patience! We are open after a long family medical emergency.   We are adding new items all the time. As well as a NEW page so you can order anything that you want:       has everything that we sell on Etsy. You can also order on this […]

Kids’ Fun

Dear Readers, The most important thing to remember about kids is that as far as they’re concerned, they are running the show.  Let them, naturally their safety is your responsibility, take it seriously.  I say, let them decide because they will come up with something more fun than you will.  Naturally,  use wise input to […]

For all the grandmas and aunts (and uncles too)

Since I started my blog, I tried to think of what I would be fun and interesting for you to read. Besides new products that we feature, I thought that had to be something different. Something you’d like to read about. And then I realized (with the help of my husband) that a lot of […]

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